We Will Identify 5 Changes You Can Make to Your Landing Page to Boost Sales 1 Day Sale

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A Great Ad Won't Get You Very Far if Your Landing Page Is Not Optimized for Conversion.

A landing page exists for only one purpose: convert visitors into a future or present customer. You need to make sure the landing page is optimized and primed for success. For just $62, we will evaluate your landing page to ensure it is optimized for your campaign goals based on the following criteria:

    • Relevance: what visitor expects from the landing page

    • Offer: how compelling is the offer

    • Is it low-threshold enough, loaded with value to the point no sane human being could possibly refuse it?? We'll review your offer structure and suggest alternates if we think you could improve it.
    • Motivation: how motivated is the visitor for completing the conversion goal. It is influenced by a lot of factors:
      • Intent: is the visitor actively looking for the what landing page offers?
      • Details: is the offer sufficiently detailed?
      • Urgency: No landing page is complete without an reason for the visitor to act RIGHT NOW.
  • Call to Action: what is a visitor supposed to do on the page? Is call to action noticeable?
  • Distractions: how many distractions are there for a visitor to leave
  • Hesitation: how hesitated is the visitor to complete the conversion goal
  • Copywriting: For obvious reasons, right? 

After our review we'll send you a PDF Document with our tips and suggestions on what aspects you can improve on for your landing page so that it performs even better!

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back :)

Once you check out, we'll make sure your landing page gets evaluated and we'll send you a full report within 3 Days. Note: There is no RUSH option for this product.

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