We will research your niche & competitors and create 3 hyper-targeted advanced audiences

We will research your niche & competitors and create 3 hyper-targeted advanced audiences

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One of the biggest advantages to advertising on Facebook & Instagram is having the ability to target very specific groups of highly engaged people. Facebook has thousands of data points on each of its users, so you can get very, very targeted with your ads. Most people are not even aware of just how targeted you can actually get. That's where we come in...

After researching your website, product/service, and ad we will:
  • Help you deliver relevant messages to specific people
  • Get the most value from your ad spend by reaching only the people that are likely purchasers or your product or service
  • Look at the audiences you are targeting now and determine what missed opportunities you have 
  • Determine if there are any audiences you are targeting now that you SHOULDN'T be targeting or there are sub-audiences that you should be excluding 

Sample Things We'll Consider When Helping Find New Audiences for You to Tap Into:

Demographics - Age, Sex, Location, Income Brackets, Familial Status, Job Titles, etc

Interests - Competitive/Peer Brands, TV Shows & TV Personalities your targeted audience may Like. Other Brands - Not Competitive - But that People in Your Target Market May Share an Affinity For

Purchase Behavior - Likely to Purchase Online or Not 
Travel Habits
Residential Profile - what kind of home does your target market likely live in?
Income / Education Level
Likely to Spend on Mobile or Not
Early Technology Adopter or Not
Many, Many Others... Too Many To List

We will ask you to either tell us to start from scratch or look at your existing targeting and make recommendations. We will view your audience insights so that we can understand exactly who your best audiences are and where they are. If your ad account is brand new and you have zero ad spend history, this gig is not for you.

To deliver this specialized, advanced service, we require agency access to your ad account (don't worry we'll send instructions on how to give us access and it does not involve giving us your password) This gig is best suited for people who have some history on their account, not beginners with no ad spend or brand new accounts.

The final deliverable will be 3 saved audiences that we will create and leave in your ad account. 

The task will be completed for you within 5 business days.

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