Setup Your Facebook Product Catalog

Setup Your Facebook Product Catalog

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Why you should set up a product catalog: 

1. Generates higher sales & profit by showing personalized targeted ads to people who have already shown interest in your products through dynamic ads- instead of seeing a general ad you can feature products they've previously viewed on your website

2. Lowers your advertising costs by generating much higher return on ad spend with this improved format

3. Gives your store the ability to tag products in images on Facebook & Instagram along with selling directly from a Facebook store.

4. Dramatically improves ad  conversion rates

5. Keeps track of all of your product inventory and uses them seamlessly with your ads

6. Shows off your inventory to people in an immersive full-screen experience on mobile devices through collection ads

7. Gives you the ability to connect an existing catalog from another platform (such as Shopify, Google or WooCommerce) to Facebook

For this gig, we will help setup your product catalog & data feed so that all of the above benefits will be available to you.