Build a Google Adwords Search Campaign For Me From Scratch

Build a Google Adwords Search Campaign For Me From Scratch

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Are you planning to launch a Google Adwords campaign? We are masters at building and organizing successful PPC campaigns. We have launched more than 1000+ Adwords campaigns in multiple niches since 2010.  Here's what you get for this gig:

Adwords Search Campaign

  • Research Your Competitors and Determine What The Profitable Keywords Are
  • Setup 2-3 New Ad Groups from Scratch
  • Create 2 Text Ads Per Ad Group
  • Build a Keyword Portfolio of at least 15 Keywords Per Ad Group
  • Add in Negative Keywords (if applicable)
  • Setup Site-Link Extensions 
  • Setup Call-Out Extensions  
  • Setup Call Extension (if applicable)

We will need temporary access to your Google Adwords account to complete this gig. You do not have to give us your username and password, you can simply add us as an administrator of the ad account.

We will never start actively advertising we will leave it in a paused state and only you will activate the ads. If you do not feel comfortable with this you can remove the billing source which will make it impossible for any ads to run without your permission. Alternatively, we can build your campaigns in a fresh Adwords account and then hand it over to you!

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