Black Friday Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaign Setup

Black Friday Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaign Setup

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"Done for You" Facebook/IG Campaign Creation- 1 Day SALE

Black Friday is right around the corner, and your business needs to be in position to take advantage of customers that will be in a buying mood like no other. Some businesses get half a year's worth of sales in one weekend! 

For this offer, we will get everything set up for your Black Friday promotion so all you need to do is press GO – No learning curve, no spending 10,000 hours watching Youtube videos – we will dial our expert playbook right into your account. 

This is a white glove service in which we will go into your ad account and create 3 unique Black Friday ads under 1 campaign we will label "Black Friday". We will create these ads based on any special offers you are willing to run for the campaign, which could be a % off, coupon code, or other promotion of your choice. We will send you a questionnaire to help understand what you are willing to offer in the advertisement. 

As part of this, we will create 3 unique images with text overlays that we will create either using creative assets from your website, FB or Instagram page, or assets that you provide to us via email. If you do not have any images for us to use, we will use stock images. The end product be 3 unique text overlay ads that will each look something like this:

(We will choose a color scheme that matches your branding and offer, this is just a sample)

We will also create at least one new target audience for the campaign, although if you have existing audiences you would like to run your promotion to, (like a list of all of your existing customers), you can easily duplicate the campaign we create for you and target those types of audiences as well.

We will configure all of your settings using best practices which we have a good sense will work best depending on your specific goals after millions of dollars in ad spend and thousands of tests we've completed over the years across a huge variety of businesses.

Need proof?

Once we're done, all you have to do is turn the ads from the "paused state" to the "active state" (we will not run anything without your permission, we will leave it in inactive mode until you approve it and decide to activate the campaign yourself).

We will complete this for you within 5 business days.

Hurry, this once this offer ends, the price will go back to $699.

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